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Internal Medicine Interview Overview

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IMT Interview Overview

The IMT Interview Format

In 2023 the IMT interview will be delivered online and will consist of three questions areas or sections which will last between 5 - 9 minutes.
You will be marked on these three sections and your overall communication skills, and scored on six areas in total.
You will be scored by two interviewers on each question.
Including time for questioning and reading, the interview will be approximately 25 minutes.
Interviews will be staffed by two interviewers (consultants from the interviewing region), each of whom will award you a mark on each of the aspects on which you are being assessed.

Booking An Interview

The interview will start with a six-minute exploration of your achievements to date and your suitability to be an internal medicine trainee; you will be awarded two scores from each interviewer on these two areas.

This question is divided into two sections:

Presentation – you are required to start the interview with a two-minute presentation on the following: Give an overview of your achievements to date which are most relevant to your application to be a trainee in internal medicine

Questions – you will then be asked questions about your suitability to be an internal medicine trainee, this may include clarifying questions about your achievements and application.

The Online IMT Interview

The IMT interviews will be held online via Microsoft Teams.
Interview environment and technical requirements - all interviews will be held online and so it is important to ensure that you have the right technical set up and a good environment free from distraction. There is a declaration which you will sign up to when you apply, that covers agreement around the technical requirements and your responsibilities. Things to consider include:
  • Microphone and camera - check these are working and will present you to interviewers clearly. Consider the position of the camera and microphone and test this with another person.
  • Internet connectivity - as far as possible ensure your interview takes place somewhere with good and stable internet connection.
  • Background - be aware of your background and avoid things which could be distracting - you could use the blur background function.
  • Environment - ensure your interview is in a well-lit and quiet place which will be free from interruptions.

IMT Interview Scoring

During interview, you will be assessed on six independent aspects of your candidature.
For each aspect, you will receive two marks - one from each of the two interviewers assessing you on each aspect; thus giving 12 marks in total .

Each of these marks will be between 1 and 5; so with 12 marks awarded, the maximum score available here is 60 .

This score is referred to as your 'raw' interview score (RIS) - ie the score awarded to your interview as a whole, before any weighting is applied.

The score of 1-5 an interviewer will award you for each assessment area is judged in relation to how well you perform against an expected level. These scores will be used to ascertain your appointability status and overall score.

Conversely, should your interview performance not reach the expected level, then interviewers can award marks of 1/5 or 2/5, as reflects their level of concern over your performance.
Details on how weighting is applied to scores can be found further down this page; for information on how each individual 1-5 score is established, please see the scoring framework directly below.

Below are the two frameworks used by interviewers to guide scoring at interview: a general one used for most questions and a specific one for application and achievements question scoring.

As shown in the table, for each of the question areas at interview, 3/5 is considered a satisfactory score; and reflects the level of performance that would be expected of a trainee ready to progress to IMT. Should your performance go above and beyond this expected level, interviewers can award marks of 4/5 or 5/5 as appropriate.
IMT General question scoring framework
IMT Interview Scoring
IMT Application and achievements scoring framework
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IMT Interview Overall Scoring and Appointability

After interview, a weighting is applied to the scores in each area.

These scores are then combined to give your total score which is determing your ranking which will in turn be used to inform how offers are made. The weighting of different sections, as well as the method by which your total score is established, is detailed in the table below.
IMT interview scoring
For further info please visit the recruitment website here.

IMT Interview Appointability

From the twelve scores awarded during your interview, an 'appointability' status will be calculated to determine whether or not you can be considered for an offer.

The intention is to ensure successful candidates can display competence consistently across all areas of assessment covered at interview; rather than allowing outstanding achievement in one or more areas to make up for sub-par performance elsewhere.

Appointability is awarded automatically, and is based on two factors: individual interview scores and the 'raw interview score'.

Raw interview score
The raw interview score (RIS) is the sum of all 12 scores awarded to you during your interview, but before any weighting is applied (see the Total score tab for information about this).

As each individual score will be between 1 and 5, your RIS will be between 12 and 60.

Appointability requirements

To be classed as 'appointable', you must meet all three criteria below:

* none of your twelve interview scores can be 1/5
* no more than two of your eight interview scores can be 2/5
* your RIS must be 36 or above.

If you meet all three requirements, your application will be assessed as appointable, and can progress to be considered for post offers.

However, if you fail to meet any of these requirements, your application must then be assessed as not appointable, and it will progress no further in that round.

How Many IMT Jobs Are Available?

Each year there are around 1600 available IMT jobs.

With around 4000 people apply each year making IMT selection very competitive.
Changes were made to the recruitment process in 2018 such that applications are now made nationally, with candidates in competition for all regions throughout the process, where in previous years applications were made to a specific region.

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