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Internal Medicine Interview Course January 5th 2025

Station 3: Ethics

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Internal Medicine Interview Course Overview

Here at IMT Interview we understand that the best way to succeed at the Internal Medicine interview is with early, realistic practise. Our Internal Medicine Interview Course is designed to simulate the interview experience and offer feedback and insider tips to help you ace the IMT interviews and gain your preferred internal medicine job in the UK.

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The IMT Mock Interview Course is a focused, interview course that features keynote lectures covering the interview and tips from last year's successful candidates before testing you with realistic interview stations via online mock interviews.

Designed for foundation doctors and anyone applying for internal medicine the IMT interview course has a heavy focus on interview practise and interview technique. Places are limited to maintain a high tutor to candidate ratio.

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  • 5th January 2025

Internal Medicine Interview Course Programme

Our IMT Mock Interview Course is held in January to give you plenty of time to act on feedback and enhance your interview technique.
The main focus is on giving you as much realistic interview practise as possible delivered by last year’s highest scoring candidates.
The course simulates the real interviews and provides you with personalised feedback and comprehensive support.

Mock Cases

Portfolio, Clinical stations and Ethics
Feedback from SpRs, current IMTs and peers
Scenarios and past questions covering common topics
Small groups to maximise questions covered
Focus on interview technique
Personalised feedback to highlight areas for improvement
Critique from the highest scoring candidates from previous years

Small Groups

Portfolio, Clinical and ethics sections covered in detail
Evidence-based clinical management
Common topics and themes covered
Complete guide to improving interview skills
Delivered in small groups to maximise learning
Key papers, resources and syllabus for effective preparation
Top tips from last year's successful candidates

Internal Medicine Interview Course Timetable

Our Internal Medicine Interview Course begins at 10am and is held online.

  • 0930-1000 Registration

    Arrive and grab a coffee, pastry and get ready for the day to start

  • 1000-1230 Mock Cases - Morning Mocks

    The day kicks off with mock interviews and small group interactive discussion delivered by faculty. This is done to maximise your exposure to interview practise.

  • 1230-1300 Lunch

    Break for lunch

  • 1300-1600 Mock Cases - We cover everything else!

    Half of the day is spent in 1-1 mock interviews where you will be put under pressure and your knowledge and interview technique tested. The format is just like in the real interviews with the opportunity to learn from peers and last year's highest scoring candidates so that you will be fully prepared for the real interviews.

  • 1600-1630 Final Discussion and Home Time

    Any other topics are covered, feedback is given and remaining portfolios reviewed.

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See What Our Past Course Attendees Thought

We’ve interviewed over 2000 successful candidates and always love hearing how the candidates that we have coached have not only got a job but have secured their top ranked job in their hospital and city of choice for IMT.

  • Some of the interview questions from my mock came up in my real interviews. I felt really well-prepared and I'd highly recommend the course. I got an IMT job in my first choice deanery applying straight from FY2.
    Hannah, Mersey, UK
  • The mock interviews were excellent and I learned loads about the interview but also quite a lot of general medicine too which will be really useful for IMT. I got my first choice job!
    Simon, KSS, UK
  • I'd done a few mock interviews but the realism of the IMT mock interview and the feedback were by far the best. I felt much less stressed going into the real interview.
    Abdul, Yorkshire, UK
  • The course is excellent. It is essential to prepare for the iterview like an exam and the IMT Interview team helped right up to the interview with questions I had as the interviews hanged quite a bit. Despite this I got my first choice job.
    Gerda, Peninsula Deanery, UK
  • I used both the question bank and attended the course. A lot of the questions covered came up at the real interview and I felt really well-prepared with the frameworks and interview principles taught on the course.
    Katherin, London, UK


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