internal medicine interview

Internal Medicine Interview

Internal Medicine Interview

Get Into Internal Medical Training

Want Your First Choice Internal Medical Training Job? We Have The Largest and Most Popular Question Bank for Internal Medicine Interviews. Let Us Do The Hard Work For You.

Internal Medicine Interview

Internal Medicine Interview Questions and Courses

Time To Internal Medicine Interviews:

Internal Medicine Interview provides anyone sitting postgraduate medicine interviews with the latest information on internal medicine training interviews and our interactive, online Internal Medicine Interviews Question Bank that can be accessed anytime and from anywhere to practise over 350 unique internal medicine interview questions and maximise your chances of selection. We also offer mock IMT interviews and interview coaching to ensure you get your first choice job.

Understand The Internal Medicine Training Interview Stations

Internal Medicine Training (IMT) is one of the most popular medical specialties with over 3500 applicants applying for just over 1500 jobs each year. The ACCS (Acute Medicine) pathway also uses the internal medical interview to recruit to ACCS and competition for jobs in the more popular regions can be fierce.

The competitive selection process can be daunting and knowing where to start and organising focused practise can be difficult.

Inetrnal Medicine Interview Online Question Bank

Internal Medicine Interview offers a Question Bank of IMT interview questions that you can use to prepare for your interview. Our internal medicine interview questions have been hand picked based on commonly tested themes at internal medicine training interviews and feature comprehensive answers and tips to help you succeed at internal medicine training interviews.

IMT Interview Questions

What Our Users Thought

We reviewed over 5000 internal medical CVs and applications, interviewed over 2000 successful candidates and always love hearing how the candidates that we have coached have not only got a job but have secured their top ranked job in their hospital and city of choice for internal medical training.

  • I signed up prior to round 2 after using another online resource for round 1. I am so glad I did as your question bank is definitely the best and I finally got a job!
    Andre, Wessex Deanery, UK
  • Thanks again guys. The explanations are fantastic and really helped me understand how to score highly.
    Jo, NW Thames Deanery, UK
  • The website is really cool. I was able to track my questions and revise from my iphone while at work. I got my first choice job, thanks for the help
    Thabs, Severn Deanery, UK
  • My friends and I all signed up and we all got our top jobs in Oxford. We really want to get involved next year to boost our CVs.
    Katie, Northern Deanery, UK
  • The interactive cases are fantastic and the ethical explanations and comm skills discussion was invaluable
    Jack, Peninsula Deanery, UK

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